‘That’s made a real difference. Thanks Bethany Church’.
The first Wellbeing course is underway.

The course looks at 6 areas of life that can be turned around with just a few tweaks here and there. Week one of the Wellbeing course at Bethany Church looked at changing our activity index. Eating better, sleeping better, getting out and about to learn that a healthy body improves our emotions. It was suggested that those gorgeous biscuits and cakes served after church on Sunday might not be the best for our figures. Fresh fruit suddenly sounded very attractive. We grabbed our pens and paper and looked at how our lifestyles could be improved with some of the helpful tips presented in the video.

The video

The video presenters, Simon Thomas of Prime Video Sport, Sky Sports, Blue Peter with Joanna Adeyinka-Burford: BBC, Channel 5, Nickelodeon energetically present UK experts in a variety of fields including food, sleep and psychology.
The first week polished off we are now looking at how peoples’ issues with depression, negativity and suicide have been effectively dealt with; including an interview with Dan who escaped the despair of emotional depression when some friends invited him to experience of hope that joining a church can bring.

What next?
Reserve your place on this outstanding free course at Bethany Church, Gatley; every week, Thursday at 7.30pm. During September and October 2022.