Violin, cellist and piano recital at Bethany Church , Saturday 13th May at 7pm

As the sun sets on the evening of May 13th, 2023, 7pm, the Bethany Church in Manchester, UK, will be filled with the sounds of some of the finest musicians in the city, as they take to the stage for a captivating violin recital. Among the performers is the exceptionally talented Yuki Jiang, accompanied by pianist Gabriella Waclawska and cellist Xiao Congyuan, all students at the renowned Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM).

The recital will feature a diverse range of classical pieces, each chosen to showcase the exceptional skill and artistry of the performers. The evening will open with Hoffmeister: ‘Duet for Flute and Violin’ in G major a beautiful and lyrical piece that highlights the close collaboration between the violin and flute.

Following this, Yuki Jiang and Xiao Congyuan will take to the stage to perform ‘Tango fantasia’, 3 Romances op. 11, Clara Schumann . This powerful and emotive piece will demonstrate the depth of musical understanding between these two accomplished musicians.

Next, the audience will be treated to the rich and complex sounds of Joe Hisaishi Howl‘s ‘Moving Castle’, then ‘Always with me’ and ‘A town with ocean view’, performed by the trio of Yuki Jiang, Gabriella Waclawska, and Xiao Congyuan. This piece is widely regarded as one of the most challenging works in the chamber music repertoire, and the trio’s skill and musicality will bring out the intricate harmonies and intense emotions of the piece.

The concert will conclude with a dazzling performance of ‘Carmen Fantasy’, a virtuosic piece that will showcase Yuki Jiang’s remarkable technique and passion for the violin. Gabriella Waclawska’s sensitive and nuanced accompaniment will provide the perfect backdrop for Yuki Jiang’s soaring melodies and dazzling runs.

This violin recital at Bethany Church promises to be an unforgettable evening of exceptional music-making, featuring some of the most talented young musicians in the UK. With its stunning acoustics and historic setting, the church provides the perfect backdrop for an evening of classical music that will leave the audience breathless and inspired. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the magic of live performance and the talents of Yuki Jiang, Gabriella Waclawska, and Xiao Congyuan.

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