Bethany Churches' Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to teach the present and the next generation that Jesus Christ is the saviour and hope of the World.

Our vision is to invest heavily in children, youth, young adults and families as a first priority and raise up next generation leaders, worshippers and disciples. Our vision is to develop long term relationships with schools and community groups. Our vision is for strong marriages and investment in the family unit. Our vision is for strong friendships amongst men in our church. Our vision is to see people saved, added to our number and integrated into the life of our church family. Our vision is for all of our people to pursue their God ordained purpose

Bethany church

Our Mission

Our mission statement is, “AWAKENING this generation, IGNITING the next”. It is taken from Psalm 78 v 1-7 where the writer is speaking about how we are to live  for, and experience God in all generations.

We are to pass on the life changing story of God to those who are in our sphere of influence and to those who will succeed us in the generation to come. We are to recognise that God wants to resource our efforts to reach out to all people, so they see him for who he is and experience his love in a dynamic, life changing way.


Understanding God’s heart and mission

The next generation will be reached with a people commissioned to reach it.

We have four broad strategies geared towards understanding God’s heart and mission for his church to reach those around us looking for answers.

God has declared good for our lives.
He declares health, a sound mind, hope, provision, victory and deliverance.
Understanding what God has declared over us, helps us to function positively and effectively in life.
It enables us to declare the goodness of God to people we come into contact with, their families and society as a whole. It also help us to fulfil the mission of the Church outlined in Matt 28:19. We are to go into the world and declare the story.

God will work in power and do many wonders in our lives. He wants us to know what our gifts and roles are.
Developing spiritual gifts and deepening the use of them in everyday life will better enable us in the roles we undertake.
We can then impact the generation around us.

Knowledge of what God is like and what he says in His Word.
Live life counter – culturally due to the impact of this knowledge.
Know our church and that we are called to it.
Know our community, its needs and our mission to it.
Know our world, how to be relevant but remain distinct.
Pass on our knowledge of living counter – culturally to those who succeed us.

Be impacted by a life transforming belief that awakens every part of us.
Believe, follow and imitate Jesus.
Display our beliefs through our actions, conduct and words.
Pass on our belief to those around us and the generation that follows us.
This is very much a ‘pass it on’ model and the success of Bethany Church will be on whether the congregation grasp that we are here to impact our generation and become the ‘disciple makers’ of the next.

Our Values

Bethany Church is a vibrant, contemporary church in Gatley with a diverse multinational congregation of all ages.

At Bethany church we value…

being Pentecostal in expression and life.

discipleship and seek for everyone to be on a growing discipleship journey.

unity in speech and in deeds.

ministry involvement and a heart of serving.

all nationalities and cultures.

generosity and stewardship.

the lost – anyone can change.

mission and compassion – we are all on a mission with the compassion of Christ.

being contemporary, making the church an accessible place for the next generation without compromising the timeless truths of scripture.

being a cosmopolitan and city minded church.

all ages and generations.

Bethany church