Mayor Graham Greenhalgh to Honour Unsung Heroes at Bethany Church’s Jubilee Celebration

In a heartwarming display of community appreciation and solidarity, Mayor Graham Greenhalgh of Stockport is set to make a special visit to Bethany Church in Stockport on the 23rd of September at 6:30 PM. The event promises to be an evening filled with gratitude, recognition, and unity as Mayor Greenhalgh presents Community Service Awards and takes part in the Jubilee Celebration service. Let’s delve into what makes this event so special and what it means for the local community.

Bethany Church: A Beacon of Hope

Nestled in the heart of Gatley, Stockport, Bethany Church has long been a beacon of hope and a hub for community activities. With its mission of nurturing faith, fostering unity, and promoting service, the church stands as a symbol of togetherness and benevolence in the city.

Mayor Graham Greenhalgh’s Visit

The impending visit of Mayor Graham Greenhalgh to Bethany Church has generated considerable anticipation and excitement among the citizens of Stockport. The mayor, accompanied by distinguished local figures and city officials, will join the congregation for a truly special evening.

Community Service Awards

One of the evening’s highlights will undoubtedly be the presentation of Community Service Awards. Mayor Greenhalgh will step up to honour individuals and groups who have made significant contributions to the betterment of Stockport. These awards serve as a testament to the invaluable service rendered by these unsung heroes.

In a brief statement ahead of the event, Mayor Greenhalgh emphasized the importance of community service, saying, “A thriving city owes much to the dedication and altruism of its citizens. The people of Stockport have consistently demonstrated their willingness to go the extra mile to improve our community. It is an honour to recognize and celebrate these outstanding individuals and groups.”

The awardees represent a diverse array of community service, ranging from volunteers at local food bank who have gone above and beyond, to social activists championing social projects. Their stories are an inspiring reminder that small acts of kindness and commitment can lead to monumental change within a community.

Jubilee Celebration Service

As well as the award presentation, the evening will include a Jubilee Celebration service, infused with the spirit of gratitude, reflection, and unity. Reverend David Meggers, the charismatic leader of Bethany Church, will lead the congregation in songs, prayers, and messages of hope.

The service will serve as a reminder of the importance of strong community bonds and how Bethany Church has consistently provided solace and support for those in need. It is a chance for the community to come together, irrespective of their backgrounds, and celebrate their shared values and aspirations.


Mayor Graham Greenhalgh’s visit to Bethany Church on the 23rd of September is not merely a formal event; it is a testament to the power of community, service, and recognition. As the Community Service Awards are bestowed upon deserving recipients and the Jubilee Celebration service unfolds, it will become abundantly clear that the strength of Stockport lies in the dedication and compassion of its people.

This event underscores the vital role played by institutions like Bethany Church in nurturing and uplifting communities. It is a heartening reminder that, even in a world that sometimes feels divided, there are places and individuals committed to nurturing unity, faith, and service.

Mayor Greenhalgh’s commitment to celebrating these unsung heroes exemplifies the significance of leadership in acknowledging and amplifying the positive impact of community service. As he departs Bethany Church on that September evening, the echoes of the Jubilee Celebration will linger, serving as a powerful reminder that, together, the citizens of Stockport can build a more vibrant, compassionate, and united community.

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