FAMILY is our passion
LIMITLESS youth Gatley is a family of passion, woven together in a web of stubbornly loyal relationships. We are beautifully diverse yet unusually united. We celebrate one another in victory, we support one another in defeat.

We believe in the power of gathering together as a growing a community of passion, knowing that we can accomplish so much more together than we ever could alone. Because what we’re building here isn’t about individuals making history, but a family in unity who change the world as a community.

FUN is our spirit
We believe that fun gives life and builds community. We are committed to intentionally creating environments that encourage, enable and celebrate the life-giving force of passion for living.

PIONEERING is our calling
LIMITLESS youth Gatley is a stirring ministry that is not content with settling. We are a courageous family, willing to take risks in order to relentlessly pursue the mission of God to reach the unreached, as we see the Spirit lead. We champion audacity, we take new ground and posture ourselves to be ready for change. We are steadfast in our commitment to our mission and vision but flexible with the mechanism.

SERVICE is our posture
LIMITLESS youth Gatley believes in going all out to serve those we are called to lead, encouraging them in purpose and passion. We serve indiscriminately, unaffected by size or status. New or old, big or small, we will serve with excellence regardless.