Bethany Churches Away Day: A Day of Fellowship, Nature, and Creative Healing

On the brisk morning of November 18th, the Bethany Church community eagerly anticipates their Away Day at the picturesque Foxhill Conference Centre. Thirty church members are gearing up for a day filled with fellowship, nature walks, shared meals, and engaging activities designed to foster spiritual growth and healing.

Nature’s Embrace in Cheshire Countryside:

Nestled in the heart of the serene Cheshire countryside, Foxhill Conference Centre provides the perfect backdrop for a day of communion with nature. Attendees will have the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll through the rolling hills, breathing in the crisp autumn air and appreciating the beauty that surrounds them. The Cheshire countryside, with its vibrant autumn foliage, is sure to inspire reflection and gratitude among the church members.

Lunchtime Bonding:

Breaking bread together has been a time-honoured tradition for fostering community spirit. The Bethany Church members will gather for a hearty lunch, sharing not only food but also laughter and stories. The communal aspect of the meal provides a unique opportunity for church members to deepen their connections and strengthen the bonds that unite them.

Havarim Bible Study:

The day will also feature an insightful session on Havarim Bible Study, a method that encourages interactive and collaborative exploration of scripture. Church members will engage in meaningful discussions, share personal insights, and build a collective understanding of the teachings. This segment promises to deepen their spiritual understanding and foster a sense of unity within the Bethany Church community.

Healing through Art:

Art has the power to heal, and this notion will be at the forefront of the craft activities planned for the day. Participants will have the chance to express themselves through various artistic mediums, creating pieces that not only reflect their individual experiences but also convey a collective message of healing and hope. The craft activities are carefully designed to intertwine spirituality and creativity, providing a therapeutic outlet for church members to explore and express their emotions.

In conclusion, the Bethany Churches Away Day on November 18th at Foxhill Conference Centre promises to be a day of spiritual enrichment, nature appreciation, and creative healing. As the thirty church members come together to enjoy fellowship, explore the Cheshire countryside, share meals, delve into Havarim Bible Study, and immerse themselves in art-based healing activities, they are bound to leave with hearts full of gratitude and a strengthened sense of community. This day is not just an event but a celebration of the shared journey and the resilient spirit that unites the Bethany Church family.

100 Church Road, Gatley, SK8 4NQ