1. Who was the man chosen by God to lead the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt?

  2. Who was the first king of Israel?

  3. Who was the prophet who confronted the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel and called down fire from heaven?

  4. Who was the queen who saved her people from destruction by revealing a plot against them?

  5. Who was the man known for his great strength and his long hair, which was the source of his power?

  6. Who was the first disciple called by Jesus and later became known as the “rock” on which the church would be built?

  7. Who was the youngest son of Jesse, anointed by Samuel as the future king of Israel?

  8. Who was the prophet who performed miracles, including raising a widow’s son from the dead?

  9. Who was the apostle known for his zeal for persecuting Christians before encountering Jesus on the road to Damascus?

  10. Who was the tax collector who climbed a tree to see Jesus and was invited to dine with him?

Answer 1: Moses.
Answer 2: Saul.
Answer 3 : Elijah.
Answer 4: Esther.
Answer 5: Samson.
Answer 6: Peter.
Answer 7: David.
Answer 8 : Elijah.
Answer 9: Paul (formerly known as Saul).
Answer 10: Zacchaeus.

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